Mostly these visitors come for just a few days to take in the tranquillity of the area, go on boat excursions, surf at the wave spot and perhaps have a few kitesurf lessons. The wind blows all through the year, but the strongest months are April to September where it can blow up to about 35 knots. To put it simply, this entire area is an epic flat water playground and you can either kite out front of your kite camp, go on a downwinder to Dragon Island or charge the speed strip at the northern end of the lagoon. ZENITH DAKHLA KITE RESORT is situated next to the lagoon with six individual riads, six private villas and five ‘lofts’ with king beds, private jacuzzis and fantastic views across the lagoon. Many of the people I met had stayed at Dakhla Attitude once before but preferred a smaller venue. RAM augmente ses vols sur Dakhla Royal Air Maroc continue de renforcer son réseau de vols domestiques à partir du 25 décembre. The best wave riding is in the winter months when there’s more swell, but there’s usually at least some surf all year. You’ll need a 3/2 wetsuit during the summer season and perhaps a 4/3 in the colder months. Some are more rustic, offering basic tent accommodation, and others are more upmarket and comfortable offering amazing lagoon view bungalows, with hot water shower and all the same comfort you would expect from a hotel. In summer, you’ll use your seven and nine metres a lot and in winter a 12 will see more action. Fun and safe for all levels with enough wind to be shredding dawn till dusk among the dolphins and flamingoes, Dakhla in southwest Morocco offers simple and relaxing holiday experiences, or at three good wave spots. Os casais gostam particularmente da localização — deram uma pontuação de 8,4 para uma viagem a dois. 18 kilometres long and up to 300 meters wide of sandy beaches, is the busiest summer resort in Lithuania. Loungers are provided on their sun terrace for that post-session chill. This place has been in the spotlight over the last couple of years due to hosting the previous VKWC world cup and upcoming WKC, and for a good reason. For advanced riders the ‘speed spot’ has a way of injecting hysteria into anyone that goes there. Make sure you buy a rescue voucher for the lagoon if you’re not staying at one of the camps. Rue 3 N°92 73 000 Dakhla, Morocco + 212 651 696 989/ 697 003 The UCPA hotel in town brings people to the lagoon each day but it’s inconvenient compared to just walking to your kite spot and the costs can build up. Not to mention that it has perfect freestyle flat-water spots as well as some seriously great surf spots. KBC DAKHLA (Kiteboarding Club Dakhla) is open year round and located directly at kite beach with their adjoining hotel. Additional information. Stylishly built with an excellent restaurant, Zenith will arrange every detail of your trip once you arrive, so all you need to focus on is kiting and relaxing by the pool! Dakhla Kitesurf World Hay El Kassam 1. In the north of the lagoon you will find the speed spot. If you’re looking for somewhere to go for a week and really focus on your foiling, then Dakhla is a good choice. Oum Lambouir is the most used spot with easier access, but is further away from most camps than Point de L’Or, which is just five minutes, but requires a 4×4 to access it. The ancient mosque is well worth a visit - built by the Spanish, it still stands today as a monument to ancient architecture. We covered Essaouira in the last issue, but when these shots of 3m waves turned up from Dahkla we just had to shout once again about what Morocco has to offer. Dakhla isn’t all about the lagoon. In recent years there has been a big push among the hotels to cater for non-kiting guests, with city tours and visits to various tourist attractions. Our website will help you through the reservation process for booking accommodation and kitesurfing & windsurfing services at one of the best and most wind-consistent destinations in the world. Not to mention that it has perfect freestyle flat-water spots as well as some seriously great s… Watch Queue Queue. Full ATOL protection. Visit the small souk in town and the local food and spice markets. Situated on the edge of the Western Sahara desert, the Dakhla peninsula shelters a huge 45 kilometre long flat water lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean, so whatever your level and riding preference, you’re likely to be covered - there's even a speed spot! He has spent more than 7 months off the water with a knee injury but with hard work and…., The Global Kitesports Association and the IKA were pleased to announce a very special event: the first African Kiteboarding Championships, taking place in Dakhla, Morocco from 8 – 10th March 2019, in partnership with Dakhla Attitude Hotel. Live it up at this kitesurfing camp in Dakhla, the perfect playground for kitesurfers and surfers of all abilities. Head to the oyster farm on the edge of the lagoon to try the very best fresh oysters collected for you while you wait. The wind is generally lighter in the morning and picks up at about 2 pm. Unless you only want to kite at the town’s main wave spot, the best option is to book accommodation at the lagoon where the offerings now cater for all tastes and budgets; most are all-inclusive meaning you can just kite, relax and enjoy good food and drink without having to worry about anything much more than that. There are many different room types available at different prices and most of them were on the higher side. The Dakhla Evasion hotel lies between the sea and desert on the Dakhla lagoon. What's not to like about it? Fly into Dakhla (VIL), although there are no direct flights from outside Morocco. welcome to dakhla kitesurf hotels The official reservation partner for your next water sport holiday in Dakhla! 31 974 olid siin. Make sure you watch this outstanding strapless freestyle from the F-One boys in Dakhla! Brandon Bowe heads to North Africa to sample the delights that Dakhla has to offer, checking out all the spots on the lagoon and the infamous wave break there too! Truly a freestyle paradise and the perfect place to improve your tricks! Season: open year-round Dakhla awaits you with a huge kite spot – ideal for beginners and sure to be windy: the wind stats promise 320 kiting days per year.The peninsula and lagoon, which separate us from the Atlantic, are a kitesurfer’s dream – but until now, the focus was on kiting holidays and not on accompanying family members and evening activities after the kiting session. Un détour par le musée ethnographique est l'occasion de se familiariser avec les outils et ustensiles de tous les jours. Through its team of highly experienced kitesurf travel professionals, the company offers expert impartial advice, backed up by full ATOL and TTA financial protection. Avec son paysage à couper le souffle, le site est un véritable oasis en plein désert. This is the dead-flat spot that you see in all the videos, away from where the competitions usually run. Entre quelques lettres du nom d'un spot, d'une région ou d'un pays et clique sur un élément de la liste. If you want to come here for the waves be sure to go in the winter when the swells are bigger. If you’re looking for a kite-focused trip, chilled vibes and the option to just relax and recharge when you’re off the water then a trip to Dakhla is a solid call. Alternatively, take a little fishing trip, SUP excursion to the Dragon Island, or head into the city to check out a bit of the local culture. On the lagoon, boardshorts and bikinis in mid-summer will suffice and a shorty will do for most of the year, but bring a warm sweatshirt and jeans for the evenings. In general the spots are very quiet, but the only thing to be aware of are the rocks at the start of the point at low tides. Imagine lots of tagines, fish and chicken, couscous, salads and pasta and you are on the right track. We offer: All meals included (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Call an expert today on 01273 921 001. When you choose this option, you don’t have to worry about transport unless of course, you want to head into town to do some exploring. Dakhla propose un grand nombre de spot de vagues qui combleront les fans de windsurf et de kitesurf. The wind comes offshore over an edge, so you have finest shallow water behind it. It translates to ‘The golden point’ and features a point break that wraps around a small cliff with a wave breaking for up to 400 metres. There are now up to 7 camps scattered across the lagoon for you to choose from. There never has been a better time to experience Dakhla so get in touch with us now. Oum Lamboiur regularly sets the stage for the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour with a textbook point-break when it’s firing properly. The second stop of the 2018 GKA Kite-Surf World Tour begins today -- Wednesday, April 25th -- in Dakhla. Annual air temperatures range from 20 – 30°C / 68 – 86°F during the day to 12 – 15°C / 54 – 60°F at night. You will after seeing this! Planet Kitesurf belongs to the Planet Travel group, a market leader in active holidays since 2000. This stunning kitesurfing resort offers a very natural way to socially distance while still taking advantage of lots of activities, A short kiteboarding action travel movie, shot in Africa, by Noe Font. The number one online kitesurfing and kiteboarding magazine. Even when it isn’t at its best, there’s almost always some shred-able shore-break close to the beach. Please take into account that at night the temperatures take a big dip, so always bring some warm sweaters, long pants, and even a beanie; you will appreciate it! Dakhla Kite Worldcup spot: for advanced. We have always wanted to go and finally we got to sample the delights of this remote Moroccan outpost! Dakhla is a celebration of nature and kitesurfing, beauty and exploration. EXPLORA in the Dakhla Alize camp is a family run kite, wind and surf centre, open all year with beautiful bungalows a few steps from the water. Take a 2000 Ford e350 shell interior and transform it into a rugged hit-any-kite-spot dream machine! The spot itself is a lagoon – around 40 kilometres long and four kilometres wide in places – formed by the Dakhla peninsula, which extends into the Atlantic. You won’t regret it. There are a million reasons to visit Dakhla, Morocco. All the perennial…, If you want to add a little challenge and variety to your next kite vacation, check out the second annual Dragons Challenge, slated for February…, Have you ever kited in a sandstorm? The only thing to mention is that it is advisable for beginners to wear booties as there are shells on the lagoon’s floor. The vast majority of kiters choose to stay in one of the camps on the lagoon’s water’s edge. Conheça nossa loja com inúmeros artigos de kiteboarding: kites, pranchas, coletes e muito mais. Read and book your trip! In…, Being the biggest island of Cyclades, Naxos offers many options to the traveller who wishes to explore a variety of activities during their holidays. You will need to rent a car though, to get back forth from the spot. This way you can drive back and forth to the kite spot, and it will take you about 25 minutes each way. If that is not enough, then how about some mountain biking? Et Dakhla fait partie des villes qui connaissent une augmentation de fréquence. Plenty of countrysides to enjoy on your bike and a great…. ZENITH DAKHLA KITE RESORT is situated next to the lagoon with six individual riads, six private villas and five ‘lofts’ with king beds, private jacuzzis and fantastic views across the lagoon. Dakhla Spirit Camp have the best location in the lagoon, with easy access to the water. If you stay in town you’re best to rent a car to get to the kite spot or daily 4x4 transfers can be arranged with schools to a variety of spots. Read an extensive feature on Dakhla that appeared in Kiteworld issue #73 here, including more cracking images and detail! General This is the wind, wave and weather statistics for Dakhla Airport in Western Sahara, Western Sahara. Isa is here to give…, The main event is on at the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour event in Dakhla! Paulino Pereira competing at Oum Lamboiur during the KSWT Dakhla 2018 Photo: Ydwer van der Heide / GKA Kite World Tour, Camille Delannoy punts one on the lagoon in front of the kite camps Photo: Ydwer van der Heide / GKA Kite World Tour, Ideal learning locations at the lagoon Photo: Planet Kitesurf, Zenith Dakhla’s riads overlooking the spot Photo: Zenith Dakhla, Freeride-friendly conditions Photo: Zenith Dakhla, A desert oasis at Zenith Dakhla Photo: Zenith Dakhla, Accomodation with a view from Kiteboard Club Dakhla, PHOTO: Svetlana Romantsova / Kite Morocco, Don't miss an issue, subscribe to Kiteworld Magazine today. Are you ready?! Follow; Follow; Follow; Follow; Follow; … Further down the coast there’s Lassarga, which is less well known but still really good with clean, peeling rights. It is the ideal Kitesurfing spot for those who just want to relax while learning or improving their skills as well as exploring stunning sceneries nearby. You won’t regret it. As a growing hub for sports, Dakhla itself is more recently developed than the traditional Moroccan towns further north. Only works at lowest tide; otherwise, the water is choppy. Most people stay at the kite camps and they can arrange your transfers, so you won’t need a hire car. Dakhla is very well known for its incredibly fresh seafood, especially the oysters. Have you booked your trip yet? The best waves can be found from November to February. The GKA Kite-Surf World Tour 2018 is Almost Here! You can always buy a Maroc telecom 3G stick in town which is a good alternative and can help keep you connected. Wind: Off-shore. It’s around 15 min from the airport. She finished 2nd in the Big Air…, Hannah Whiteley goes big in this action packed teaser trailer of her time in Dakhla. We speak your language! Don't spend your entire holiday kiting right in front of your hotel! All the centres offer surf excursions to various spots, which are worth checking out. Nourdine Mansour finds an amazing flat water spot in Dakhla and pulls off plenty…, Did you catch Hannah Whiteley's film from the first stop of the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships in Dakhla, Morocco? Procura por equipamentos de kitesurf? Kitesurf in Dakhla, Morocco: spot guide to the flatwater lagoon and wave spot. Transfers to town and back can be €10 per person or free depending on your package and be aware that there aren’t many taxis. For boosting, a small wind wave forms in the centre of the lagoon which is perfect for topping up your Woo record. A change…, If you like to watch megaloops then you'll love this one. Couples particularly like the location — they rated it 8.4 for a two-person trip. They use the latest Core and Mystic gear, run safety boat cover and offer clinics with pro kiters throughout the season as well. Kitesurfing in Dakhla, Morocco, a 45-kilometer lagoon which seems endless and is known to be the freestyle heaven, has been up on my personal kitesurf bucket list for quite some time. 2018 YOG Qualifier Dakhla - Registration Day Recap. World famous for its 45 kilometre-long peninsula, Dahkla is blessed with clean wind, a huge lagoon and playful to decent sized waves just a short drive away on the coast. The wind blows side shore from the Northeast generally, though once or twice a year it will blow from the south! PK25 consists of 32 4-person bungalows that…, The GKA Kite-Surf World Tour kicks off the first of its 2018 series of wave and strapless freestyle events in less than two weeks time…, Ladies, here's a spring deal to take advantage of! 12 décembre 2020. The statisticians reckon there is around 320 days of wind every year, so you’re in safe hands. World tour events, pro riders on training trips and weekend warriors alike all flock to the seemingly endless lagoon which can be ridden at both high and low tide. They're so consistent! Surfboard wainman passport 5’11. Sportif centres have the latest equipment and highly qualified, experienced staff. Read and book your trip! Flat water at low tide, slightly choppier at high tide. It’s a lovely and peaceful place where you can unwind, or get together without a care in the world. Sirens Of The Desert In Dakhla Attitude, Morocco March 2 - 9, 2018, F-ONE Strapless session during Dakhla Dealers Meeting, Traveling With Isa #5 - Dakhla Kite Spots, GKA Kite-Surf World Tour Dakhla - Main Event Action, Mega Loop Conditions From Dakhla Check It Out, Trailer: Hannah Whiteley On Tour - Dakhla VKWC. When the wind is stronger, you will feel colder, and on the days of no wind, or lighter wind, the temperatures will rise considerably. Kite gear storage is available and they also offer surf lessons and rentals, too. The lowest months are December and January, but you can still have a lot of kiteable days with high temperatures. When visiting Dakhla, most people choose to stay at one of the lagoon camps. Beautiful, warm, clear waters and regular winds just off mainland Honduras, Shred the amazing lagoon with a huge expanse of waist deep, flat water, Sardinia rocks for kitesurfing and Sant’Antioco offers the option of flat water or waves, This spot is still under the radar. The wind’s usually lighter in the mornings before ramping up and peaking in the early afternoon and then drops off a little before sunset. There’s also a spot closer to the lagoon called Point de l’Or which is about ten minutes in a 4x4, depending on which camp you stay at. All of the camps offer wifi internet connection, but it's important to realise you are in the middle of the desert, and there will be times where it's tough to get a decent connection. Kitesurf Travels Spot Guide 8 Comments 1. Acesse agora! Stay in deluxe bungalows and there’s a large freshwater pool, hamam, massage and gym, mountainbiking, yoga and more. Watch Queue Queue An insight to Professional…, Val Garat is back on form! Dakhla kitesurf speedspot: for advanced. This video is unavailable. There are a million reasons to visit Dakhla, Morocco. Meilleurs spots de kitesurf en décembre. Book your bungalows, kitesurfing lessons & flights. Dakhla offers a long season with rideable conditions for much of the year. KITEWORLDWIDE specialize in delivering extraordinary kitesurf holidays to exotic destinations while avoiding the tourist traps. Beadnell Kitesurfing by Drone – January 2021 – UK, Naish Team – Interstate, Overseas Video Series, UK Lockdown 3 – Kiting Guidance from the BKSA. Many of the camps have social gatherings from time to time as well as live music in the evenings and yoga sessions during the day. The second Dakhla Symposium - Dakhla, November 21-22, 2013 Morocco décembre 23rd, 2013 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America This is in Dakhla, South Morocco that the second symposium took place from November 21st to November 22d. Hit it before it gets busy…. O Dakhla Kite World disponibiliza aulas de kite-board e aluguer de automóveis. The water averages 19 – 24°C / 66 - 75°F all year but strong winds make it feel colder and January and February are the coldest months when you’ll need a long suit, whether you’re on the lagoon or the coast. Dakhla Attitude. The tides are noticeably bigger during the full moon, and new moon so can be fun to explore areas of the lagoon that are generally not kiteable. Dakhla offers great temperatures all through the year of about 22 to 29C°. There are also seven flights per week from Casablanca and two from Agadir. : ad-Daḫla, "a interior"), Villa Cisneros no período colonial espanhol é uma cidade do Saara Ocidental administrada de facto por Marrocos, que a considera parte do seu território. Staying at the camps usually includes rescue boat cover too and the daily routine is very mellow. If you venture into the city, you can try some of the local food. Traditional tea in a cafe is a must-do, and lunch at the oyster farm is also highly recommended (it serves more than just oysters). Most of the camps can easily organise a transfer for you to do this, at the price of 10 euros per person. April to September are the windiest months and in July and August it peaks with regular 30 knot days.