19 mars 2020. Both could perform better. Directed by Jacques Malaterre. So, the big question: Is it still worth it in 2020? Great scent, one of the best cardamom-loaded manly scent. The perfume is highly Masculine and I love this Fragrance a lot. École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales; Download full-text PDF Read full-text. however the performances are average but man it's mystical scent ...... love forever and ever ...... 2019 April batch. Maybe your noses are anosmic because you are use to wearing loud fragrances or so. Doesn't deserve the money. This does smell outdated. Please don't tell me I will ever have to use the phrase "perfumery is dead". It is Dark, Mysterious, Elegant and I wear it Day and Night especially in winter and fall. The atomizer was broken but I was still able to pour a few drops of the fragrance. I really liked the old school drakkar noir for its perfect balance of masculine and sweet. De David. Super sexy smell! Lamentations 3:26 – Il est bon d’attendre en silence Le secours de l’Eternel. I have bottle from 2017 and 2020 and I have to say they have very good longetivity and projection. If the scent of the vintage one was so much better I can understand all the hype. This is a great date scent and I believe that’s what it was made for given the name of it, and it’s a sexy scent that’s very intoxicating, but it’s also very intimate and doesn’t have much projection. I sprayed my scarf with this fragrance about 3 months ago and it's still there. Like a really manly grandma. Even more attractive is its performance, great longevity of minimum 8hrs and projection is just perfect. The transition to the dry down takes 3 hours minimum, and it doesn't become a skin scent until your 8-10 hours in. So glad I got this as a sample, seems very bland and uninspired. Elle touche aussi bien de nombreux animaux que les humains..... » Cette conférence vous est présentée par Patrick Boussieux Entrée libre Contact : 05 62 92 38 38 I get the aromatic & a little spicy sweet. The soft and fresh spicy accords with woods and florals makes this fragrance a luxurious blend which you can wear day or night. erkeğin gecesi. But I personally think it’s just alright, the cardamom is very dominant, which gives the fragrance a tea vibe. This is where I learned that the prime of this fragrance was 2009-2010. So I came into trying this fragrance with high expectations only to be let down. The only realistic time I can see anybody wearing this now in 2020 is in intimate situations, that's pretty much it. Le Secours Catholique-Caritas France est engagé, avec des partenaires, dans l’organisation de plusieurs évènements locaux du FIFDH (Festival International du Film des Droits de l’Homme) : FIFDH Haute-Savoie, FIFDH Provence, FIFDH Gironde, FIFDH Pays de l'Adour, FIFDH Gard, FIFDH Paris. I was afraid to purchase it due to the negative reviews about performance. It's way too soft for dates, clubbing, etc. The sillage is heavy in the beginning. Sans l'Eternel qui nous protégea, Qu'Israël le dise!… Psaume 146:3 Ne vous confiez pas aux grands, Aux fils de l'homme, qui ne peuvent sauver. 10/10 . Le patrimoine au secours de l’Homme. Brilliant composition! 4.44 mükemmel ötesi bir parfüm. Unisex in my opinion, metro sexual and lively. In other words, you can easily wear this to the office too. NEVER EVER wear cologne or perfume to a job interview. Le secours de l'homme n'est que vanité. Even years later, this fragrance still gets compared to new releases. Mais, en plaçant notre espérance en notre Seigneur Jésus et en demandant secours à Dieu, nous faisons le pas de … Perfume lovers: 602406 I agreed with person below not wearing it to an interview if ita a lady...lmfao wth...moving on...got the 2018 batch and it sux large...does not have any personality any more...lacking density...velvet thick smoothness...no longer does it linger on skin,,, with this,i dont get that "I cant get enough whiffs" kinda smell of older batches....oh and my farts last longer and are more potent....absolute waste of money now...I put it up for sale...btw has anyone not noticed that every and any review on this scent are with vintage bottles or older ones etc....no one dares make a full vid in today's bottles....cuz they know its crap and not worth what they charge for it....50 bux np...but at even 85 at discounters b4 tax is still a rip off based on potency and performance......do not waste your money on this now...not even half of what it used to be! God, this is gorgeous! this is another one of those fragrances that you can go a bit heavy on the trigger with and be fine. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. It’s exactly the same as any Hugo Boss or Diesel fragrance and it lasts about ten minutes. It lasts on my skin for 6-8 hours and project for the first 2-3. ladies will surely love it! He is fairly indifferent to fragrance, but I go weak in the knees when I smell this powerful, aromatic juice. No idea for the past batches. Instead you get a semi-sweet cardamom that leads to a delicious and creamy drydown of vetiver and cumin. Références Croisées. Quand ? It's only downside is it's performance - it becomes a powdery skin scent in about 30 mins for me. Community See All. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Too bad. everybody loves it, girls go crazy whith this . Just to add I have a vintage bottle and a 2018 bottle. 03.06.2012 18:21 c cien. I bought this while out with the wife. Ces derniers font l’objet d’intimidations, notamment dans le cadre du conflit socio-environnemental provoqué par le projet minier Conga au nord du pays. It still smells great & similar in my opinion but both my daughter & I agree it’s definitely not like the original, that one was amazing. This specific batch smelled pretty good! It is just so incredibly gorgeous. Armaf should make their own 99% La Nuit 2009 clone just like they did with the best Aventus batch. go to album. çok şık bir koku, sıra dışı bir havası var. when i spray it i instantly get that blast of cardamom and lavender that lasts for around an hour before it blend with some woody notes and a hint of veviter. Big mistake. I get better performance on the 2018 batch. When I first smelled this I was a little disappointed. Despite not being my typical forte, I like it! Psaumes 60:11 . One of the best scents in the designer world. no wonder Jeremy Fragrance list this as his number 1 favorite of all time. About See All. Plusieurs études montrent l'importance des populations de prédateurs, notamment les renards roux, dans la réduction du risque de transmission de la maladie de Lyme par les tiques. An exploration of the formation of a couple from both points of view. The scent is unique and you can tell it's a designer fragrance however the first thought that came into mind when smelling the fragrance was that it smelled like an old man's candle. Must have for everyone's collection along with the original L'homme. I start by saying that this fragrance has undergone two fairly important reformulations, the first version (2009-2010) is the most intense and darker version, the second (2010-2015) has a fresher and brighter opening and equal duration, and the third (2016) rounder and less lasting. I think this smells too synthetic for me. Le meilleur ami de l’homme. rubbish.... don't waste your money! This is a classic perfume made by Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L Homme. Le Renard au Secours de l’Homme 2020-08-10 18:00:00 – 2020-08-10 Maison du Val d’azun ARRENS-MARSOUS Arrens-Marsous Hautes-Pyrénées « Responsable de la maladie de Lyme, la Borrelia est une bactérie très évoluée transmise par la piqure d’une tique infectée. C'est lui qui rachètera Israël De toutes ses iniquités. It still lasts anywhere between 5-7 hours. Le site officiel de la zone de secours du Brabant wallon. Weak. Seductive and sexy! Especially when I wear it in winter I absolutely feel Heavenly feel of the perfume. Rest in peace La Nuit. L'homme and La Nuit De lhomme are both on par with each other. I have a 2017 bottle and it is still amazing. I have the 2019 bottle of this juice. I don't usually buy perfumes for their lasting power but for the smell itself. I have a recent bottle of it and it's pretty much the weakest thing I own. The most useful tools, reports, books, how-to-guides, videos, briefings, presentations and websites for people working in international development. The drydown is too similar to SF F Black. A veil of mystery and an explosive spicy accord reveal cardamom with sparkling freshness of bergamot, lavender and cedar, which stand for strength of men. Plus d'infos. very sexy smell. « Responsable de la maladie de Lyme, la Borrelia est une bactérie très évoluée transmise par la piqure d'une tique infectée. Expositions. I love it, but it was so weak after about the first hour that I had to douse myself to get it to last even 3 hours. On the dry down I get mostly small hints of lavender which isn't bad, but not the greatest. There is no point in buying this fragrance in 2020. Scent: Similar to a chai tea latte with a bit of freshness thrown in there. how bad is the performance? 10/10. yavru köpekleri korumak isterken tokat yiyen kız, ümitcan uygun'un tiktokta uyuşturucu kullanması, tokat erbaa imamının skandal aşı açıklaması, trendyol'un satıcı mağaya 10.600 tl ceza kesmesi, 9 ocak 2021 whatsapp'tan telegram'a yaşanan göç, lgbt bayrağının boğaziçi protestosu ile alakası, antalya'da şiddet gören kadının kocasını öldürmesi, whatsapp'ı silip bip'e geçiyoruz kampanyası, boşanmanın eşiğindeki çiftlere tavsiyeler, instagram'ın artık eskisi kadar zevk vermemesi, 11 ocak 2021 b.b erzurumspor fenerbahçe maçı, 9 ocak 2021 pakistan geneli elektrik kesintisi, 1998 yılında yapılan fantastik başörtüsü eylemi, sevgili edinme konusunda hiçbir şey yapmayan insan, 8 şubat 2021 whatsapp gizlilik ilkesi değişimi, pazar sabahı erken kalkmak için bir neden, 9 ocak 2021 galatasaray gençlerbirliği maçı. jobhumanitaire.com informe les visiteurs sur des sujets tels que Volontariat humanitaire, Recrutement humanitaire et Recrutement Humanitaire. It's an often overlooked and amazing option that should definitely be getting more notoriety if people so love this cardamom note. i am using a 2013 bottle so cant speak to new batches but the scent is perfect lasts me about 4-6 hours great for evening but everyone loves, Very sexy and seductive scent better suited for dates or close encounter situations since performance is not the greatest ....but the scent alone makes this a must have in your fragrance collection. C'est ce constat qui m'a amené à observer puis à photographier les Renards en milieu forestier sur le périmètre du Parc National des Pyrénées. I just received mine today. Wish I had better things to say about the original fragrance :-(. Never had a positive reaction wearing this fragrance. But the more I smelled the more I could picture it being masculine. I usually avoid fragrances that carry labels such as “pantydropper”, “ladykiller”, encourage you to buy something for others (in this case chicks… supposedly so sexually interesting to really care to drop their pants) and generally propagate the myth that whoever you are, wear this and…without hyperbole you’ll have frenzied women busting through doors, running over one another, chasing you to death around the city and in short battling whose gonna grab your cock first. A classic !!! Country. I honestly don't know why this is so popular, it's not bad but definitely not fantastic by any mean. SİZİN İÇİN SEÇTİKLERİMİZ Ürün Özellikleri. I feel like I need at least a minimum of 10 sprays to get a scent on me that someone will detect and then an hour or so later its almost gone. Sustainable Procurement. Aix-Marseille University, Law School of Aix-en-Provence, CERIC, UMR … The cardamom opening gives warmth with a luxury vibe, adding some mystery in it. ?? V V? There is genuinely nothing spicy about this. soğuk bir hissiyatı ve cool bir kokusu var. Two neck and each wrist. Got my back up bottle. Les missions de secours Le plan de l'organisation le personnelle détaille des personnes sur les missions le département l'unité locale de blois Le personnelle des missions de secours Si je comprend il y a deux personne qui gére les missions Voila les taches qui doivent faire The opening smells really nice and its almost impossible to dislike. However, years later when we bought a new bottle to replace the original, it did not smell the same. I think its overrated, god me originala l'homme is much better. YSL what have you done, The poor bugger under me (Sam) gives his shirt away but still can’t get laid with that girl apparently. We are committed to making sustainable procurement our default mode of procurement. After seminal and legendary scents like Kouros, Cinema, Opium, Jazz, Paris and Rive Gauche how we can accept a trite fragrance like Le Nuit De L'Homme? The fragrance is relatively linear, all opening notes with the exception with the bergamot, continue into the dry-down. I bought my bottle in 2019 and I have no issues with performance. Happy sniffing. A must have in any fragrance lovers collection without question. Probably not for a first date where you're sitting across from each other at a table. Photographies réalisées par Patrick Boussieux. 1 Sepete ekle 680 TL SEPETE EKLE P112908 - P112908. Wanna drive your crush crazy? SECOURS INFO . Ever since the original 2004 Armani Code has been reformulated, La Nuit de l'Homme has been my go to since they both essentially do the same thing for me. I then picked up a friend of mine and was waiting for the compliments but she couldn’t smell it. La paperasse au secours de l'homme Communication et militantisme, 1600-1850 Pierre-Etienne Will 1 La critique de l'État est un genre universel. The scent itself is really good, but unfortunately it has far too poor performance so it is never used and it becomes too expensive. This is the most attractive sensual smell ever. I really don't want to care about it. It's a nice scent for sure, but I can give you a frag that I never hear anyone mention that has better performance, it's much, much cheaper and in my opinion is an all around better fragrance, especially in the dry down! Toggle navigation United Nations. When I think sexy, sensual & intimate, I think of La Nuit. View All Result . Commentaire de sealiaah On n'a plus besoin d'être 10 pour ce HF. Le Musée de l'homme book. This scent is the best I have ever tried. Introduction. LA NUIT DE L'HOMME LE PARFUM. Nothing sexy anymore to my nose. Nous avons eu le HF en étant 6, à croire qu'il n'y pas / plus de restriction sur le nombre de personnes. la nuit de l'homme. I think it’s a better version of La Nuit, performance aside. I got this fragrance nearly 2 months ago. YSL La Nuit Homme. Bought a 200ml bottle for the price of a 100ml from a discount store and so started my curiosity about this fragrance. Secours Info; Feux de Forêt; No Result . An emergency appeal to the world’s governments by scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and others to stop the implementation of 5G on earth and in space. The fact is that it smells better than 99.9% of niche £200+ fragrances. King James Bible Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man. I can’t tell you how many people review new fragrances saying something along the lines of “This dethrones La Nuit YSL as king!” This, alone should be a testament to just how amazing this scent is. the smell of this is its only saving grace at its fairly high price to low performance ratio as much as it breaks my heart. De David. But we are living in an imperfect world as this scent suffers in its performance and longevity. Good Job Fragrantica hiding all the current reviews all the way at the bottom of the page so people get hyped up off the popular reviews from years ago, and go out buying this Reformulated Garbage thinking it is still the same Angelic fragrance from years past. lundi 30 septembre Dimanche 1. If someone wore this, I’d have them leave ASAP, since I dislike the smell. Certainly is most suitable for night-time. I hope I am right about this because I always loved La Nuit de L'Homme! Toggle navigation United Nations. La Nuit de l'Homme was created by Anne Flipo, Pierre Wargnye and Dominique Ropion. Not to mention that u have to overspray a bit . This is beautiful! Anyone have any recommendation for something more masculine than this but still has some sweet or floral undertones. 5 with No, your newly hyped fragrance is not better. bazı şeyler herkesde olunca anlamını yitirebilir. Wow, this fragrance is classy, a little sweet and spicy, and a lot intriguing. It becomes a skinscent in like 20-30 minutes which is unfortunate. Enjoyed the scent but the performance was terrible. A spicy Dior Sauvage on steroids in terms of performance. No Result . Elementary School . The scent is so good, I'm hoping parfums vintage or alexandria cloned this well so I can wear it for more than an hour. I have a Love/Hate relationship with this one. Oddly enough it truly smells like my dog’s veterinarian’s office, like either an industrial synthetic cleaner, or wet dog. Psaume 124:1-3 Cantique des degrés. Too hyped up in my opinion. Perfect for a date night. Smells as great as the original. No performance at all. Not a fan of that cologne, even though I'd sometimes wear it on a very cold night with a sweeter cologne. This perfume will instantly boost your sex appeal without the strong punch (Ex. I sprayed about 8 times in my car and off the top it seemed the same but then I couldn’t smell it after about 5 minutes. I have the 2018 batch. Smell great but very bad longevity and sillage. And the first use I went HAM (hard as a. This smells like a Boca Raton country club to me. This was my signature scent years ago. Pour le Secours Catholique-Caritas France, pour bon nombre de chercheurs, et même pour le pape, une partie de la réponse se trouve dans l'agroécologie. Shame I can only smell it from the bottle. One of my favorite. The type of person to wear this would be an interesting and not boring guy who is nicer dressed. The cardamom comes across as a very aromatic and intense, a noticeable accord with a bitter and spicy note. If you want your date snuggling close all night long, gents, this is the scent to wear. This last 6-7 hours on my skin, easily. Bad performance and bad sillage, even the scent is not unique, it's lacks a lot of depth, most of the notes mentioned for this frag are missing. Smell is nice but the projection is just 2 inches. Before I decided to try a sample I was told that La Nuit de l'Homme was perfect for date night. Overspraying would be good in this case if you really want the scent to project. gece de gunduz de kullanılabilir ancak yaz için gündüz kullanımına pek uygun değildir. 2 check-ins. Good performance! Apparently, it had been reformulated. 64 Pages Posted: 13 Nov 2011 Last revised: 11 Jan 2012. Cuddling, hugging etc. Bad enough to make one of the best snelling designer colognes of all time (imo) not worth buying even at discounters. Gets 9/10 since it doesn't last long, otherwise it'd be an easy 1. Men. En France, le Secours populaire, né à la fin de la guerre par la fusion de plusieurs organisations, s’est rapidement servi de la boussole que représente la Déclaration universelle des droits de l’Homme en l’intégrant dans le 1 er article de ses statuts. Description. Elle touche aussi bien de nombreux animaux que les humains..... » Cette conférence vous est présentée par Patrick Boussieux Entrée libre Contact : 05 62 97 49 49 So definitely consider buying a bottle if performance (longevity) is your main prerequisite. The perfume is announced as one full of contrasts and tensions. A future hall of fame gold jacket. LE CENTRE DE SECOURS. the blast of slightly spicy cardamom, with lavender and cedar are just mesmerizing to me. Total ripoff, performance is like a weak EDC. Mot de passe oublié ? over all due to its fairly piss poor performance, price point, and scent in general i give this a 7/10. Le secours de l'homme n'est que vanité. Silky smooth.. and as mentioned below comforting and calming. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Although I hate using the term "panty dropper" or "sex in a bottle" those terms are pretty accurate when you describe this smell. Do you like spice? Fondation Secours Humanitaire Rue Royaume 9 1201 Genève Suisse Tél. It was love at first sniff. It's my parfume of choice for work and intimate dates. Psaume 108:12 Donne-nous du secours contre la détresse! 1ers Secours. Yves Saint Lauren La Nuit De L’Homme EDT opens with a moderate projection of cardamom, lavender, and soft bergamot notes. ele ayağa düşmediği sürece kullanılabilecek en güzel parfümler arasında ilk 10'a rahat girer. It performs better and it smells twice as good. However, if you spray it on clothing, it lasts a really long time. I just happened to stumble upon this fragrance the other day while sniffing around at the store. Le renard au secours de l'homme. العربية; 中文; English; Français; Русский; Español; Download the Word Document On my skin & my hubby's, it's about a 2-hour fragrance if that, maybe slightly more & that's being super generous. Darby Bible Donne-nous du secours pour sortir de detresse; car la delivrance qui vient de l'homme est vaine. Disappointing. The perfume has an exquisite scent, which attracts, is sexy, intimate and mysterious, at the same time elegant and sophisticated, simple and complex, faintly sweet and spicy warm. Top note is Cardamom; middle notes are Lavender, Virginia Cedar and Bergamot; base notes are Caraway and Vetiver. The Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel (chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, "Our Lady of Good Help") is a church in the district of Old Montreal in Montreal, Quebec.One of the oldest churches in Montreal, it was built in 1771 over the ruins of an earlier chapel. meğersem o muhteşem etkiliyici koku bir ysl parfümüymüş. But I can't because despite the fact that I could barely smell it on myself (and even when I do smell it, I feel it is nothing special), I keep getting incredible compliments with this one. The scent alone is worth it. Smell sweet but also like sharpening the pencil so unforgettable. I tried a sample over the weekend and was left with pleasantly exceeded expectations. fiyatı da sanırım biraz bunda etken.. bir gün adını sanını bilmeden, bir adamın üzerinde duydum bu kokuyu. I think shame for new formulation... bought it for my boyfriend. Sillage & projection di 2 jam pemakaian dengan kondisi bervariasi malam indoor dgn AC 23’C dan malam outdoor dgn suhu sekitar 28’C dan lembab. 1. The scent trail will get you so much attention and compliments. Smells amazing. Dior Sauvage). this is one of those scents that you will either love or kinda be meh about. In comparison, it is way better performance than The One EDP even though La Nuit is a EDT. Once Yves Saint Lauren La Nuit De L’Homme EDT has reached is full dry-down, it can be summarized as a moderate projection, cardamom, and lavender fragrance with woody, and spicy accords. Anyways, I don't think it's necessary to pay crazy prices for a vintage. That’s about it. kaliteli, dengeli, herkesin begeneceği ama ucuz kokmayan sıradan olmayan bir parfüm. When this was first launched in 2009 it was the most amazing scent I ever smelled. En France, le Secours populaire, né à la fin de la guerre par la fusion de plusieurs organisations, s’est rapidement servi de la boussole que représente la Déclaration universelle des droits de l’Homme en l’intégrant dans le 1 er article de ses statuts. I get that people are complaining about the lack of sillage if they expect it to perform like a normal edt. Bila semprot di baju bisa tahan hingga 10-11 jam. To me its close enough to One Million, Givenchy Pi and others. LE BICENTENAIRE : 1817-2017. This is heaven in a bottle. At first I had the 1.7oz an only applied 4 sprays. Tom Ford's Noir Extreme would be a suitable suggestion as a step up from this, if you like this fragrance family. It's very seductive and has the perfect balance of sweet, fresh, and spicy. But I wanted more. More. Both smell and perform same. What have folk been smoking? I took my daughter with me to a department store in the mall to find a Fathers Day gift fragrance her dad. Only lasts for 1-hour maximum. Has its longevity been reduced over the years? Great smell but the awful longevity make this a bad purchase. it seems like theres a few more reviews popping up saying this smells like you grandmas makeup (which made me laugh) and how it smells bland and boring. After a quite advanced fragrance journey, I find it now synthetic smelling and borderline harsh. I won't be hanging onto this bottle long enough to see if that is true or not. Men. I've to carry a bottle and apply in every 2 hours. Rejoignez des milliers de visiteurs satisfaits qui ont découvert Job emploi, ONG humanitaire et Ong Humanitaire. first time I smelled la nuit, i was new to the fragrance game and it was different from the sweet invictus/eros types of frangrances i had liked in the past. I own a 2013 bottle and two 2017 bottles and the only difference I spot, is that the the 2013 had a Cardamom bomb opening. Too mellow for the price. No wonder why every mens frag reviewers talk about this one. are around us 24/7. Dans son encyclique « Laudato Si », sous-titrée « Sur la sauvegarde de la maison commune », le pape exhorte le monde à pratiquer une agriculture durable, diversifiée, respectueuse de la nature, des animaux et des hommes. This is made for an intimate encounter for sure. On YSL page it says that it only has 3 notes: Nice aroma fragrance but very poor in performance 2019 batch. I really really want to hate this fragrance. i was even told i smell like a "real man." Le secours de l'homme n'est que vanité. Le secours de l’homme n’est que vanité. Les hommes du feu avaient été appelés pour porter secours à de potentiels blessés dans un accident de la route mais tout ne s'est pas passé comme prévu. i got probably 10 plus compliments that night. Fragrance Reviews: 1014124 However I did some research and learned about the different batches. Does not smell cheap, smells spicy and juicy. To me this is the sweeter and less make up smelling brother of Dior Homme Intense. Men. What would you do for it? I kindly disagree with anyone who mentions that the scent has no longevity at all. It is sensual, mysterious, almost erotic. Lasts long enough for an evening. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l`Homme is a new masculine representative of the house of YSL and it appeared on the market in March 2009. fr. This is not as sweet though. Sketch "Le salon de coiffure" de Muriel Robin, lors de son spectacle. I can't really give much of an opinion on the performance but I think this specific 2019 batch seems to not only smell better but seems more potent than the 2015-2016 batches I remember! The smell is fine, I dont dislike it. At the end of the day 1 fragrance has stuck out like no other YSL La Nuit de l'Homme. Search Constraints Start Over You searched for: Subjects Physical Fitness Remove constraint Subjects: Physical Fitness Titles L'homme le plus fort du monde déclare-- "Le secret de ma force, pas d'alcool" Remove constraint Titles: L'homme le plus fort du monde déclare-- "Le secret de ma force, pas d'alcool" Dates by Range 1950-1999 Remove constraint Dates by Range: 1950-1999 Oh and by the way, to the gentleman who left the review below, recommending that you wear this to a job interview if the interviewer is female... NO NO NO!!!! Fantastically amazing! Meh. La Nuit de l'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. However 4 sprays will NOT get the job done. I’ve had this and I currently have Alexandria Ombré Noir 2.0, which is a clone. This is an intimate scent. It smells perfectly fine – nice even – but it’s not going to grab attention like Givenchy Gentleman EDP, which I would recommend as a stand-in for LNDL. Try to get an older batch because these new ones are terrible. sormadım da, bayım bu parfümün adı ne diye. La Nuit is pleasant but really not strong. Women and men both would be complimented on this perfume. I was fortunate to get my hands on a vintage batch for a good price. Here’s How to Cop Cactus Plant Flea Market’s Nike VaporMax. Ce que nous devons comprendre c'est qu'en mettant notre espérance en l'homme, nous n'obtiendrons qu'un soutien imparfait et éphémère qui nous décevra. I give this a 98/100. Performance very bad. Reminds me of an exclusive and exotic dessert of spices, fruit and ice cream. sanırsam esmer erkeğe daha çok yakışır. Plusieurs études montrent l'importance des populations de prédateurs, notamment les Renards roux, dans la réduction du risque de transmission de la maladie de Lyme par les tiques. I need to put my nose on my wrist to smell it. I love all of the YSL fragrance for men, but this one is my favorite. This is very private scent and should be used like that; people close enough will smell it and you will too. (742 domains). Everything about this fragrance is damn near perfect. By Brahim Benyoucef; 11 mai 2020; Avertissement. Une série de 9 témoignages pour mieux comprendre le projet de Centre de formations polyvalent de Loumbila, au Burkina Faso, géré par la Croix-Rouge monégasque et … Be confident then, funny and attractive, have status & money... or just wear this fragrance on your date. I don't get the fuss about its poor longevity. I wore it maybe 3 times, couldnt wear it anymore. it is a slightly older scent id say 25 or older but ive worn it myself at 16 and received those monster compliments. Only knock is performance but you can spray the heck out of this. I first smelled it in a magazine fold-out 10 years ago and immediately ordered a bottle for my husband. It is one of the weakest fragrances I own. I'd been holding off on writing a review on this as I needed more time to "figure it out." This was one of the greatest fragrances ever. I keep what's left of my 2012 bottle as an intimate / indoor evening scent when I don't want my scent to be noticed before me and for that it still works great. Ce que nous devons comprendre c'est qu'en mettant notre espérance en l'homme, nous n'obtiendrons qu'un soutien imparfait et éphémère qui nous décevra.

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