L’experience Rhum JM Dedicated to producing only the finest rhum agricole. 50% ABV, $38, HSE Rhum Agricole BlancHere is another entry-level rhum that one could use as a fine starting off point, or as a base for a number of cocktails that call for light rum. Aromas of warm wood and a eucalyptus notes lead to buttered French toast, caramel and cane, toasted brioche. Découvrez notre sélection de Rhum agricole. Meanwhile Haitian clairin, such as Clairin Vaval, distinguishes itself from other rhums by using only wild yeasts for fermentation and pot stills for distillation. RumXP Award Winner. This designation is unique to Martinique and does not define the category of cane juice rum or rhum agricole. Rum can be made anywhere in the world, be barrel-aged, and contain additives such as color, flavors, or sugar. Expect a rich cocoa and brown sugar quality set off by citrus peel, but also heavy sage, thyme, and tarragon herbaceousness with a hint of that rubbery Band-Aid type smell—in a good way, reminiscent of certain peaty whiskies. Distilleries de rhum agricole en Martinique La Martinique, région d’outre-mer française située dans l’archipel des petites Antilles, est réputée pour la qualité de son rhum agricole. Neisson Rhum Agricole BlancA great place to start any rhum journey, with friendly tropical fruitiness, vanilla, and subtle florals. It may be aged as little as a few months (3 months at least for AOC Martinique Rhum agricole) or up to a few years. Here are a few to try as more than just a dash in your Mai Tai. On the palate, a soft medium-dry entry suggests buttery croissant over fresh cane, raisin, pepper, fruit cake and baking spice. Initial suggestions of sweetness build at mid-palate to brilliant vegetal cane and green pepper notes toward a long dry finish. Achetez tous les rhums de Martinique, des rhums d'exceptions, AOC Martinique, Rhum blanc, vieux, millésimés, mono variétal 40% ABV, $25, La Favorite AmbréThis lightly golden spirit is a blend of rhums aged one to two years in ex-bourbon barrels. Rhum Agricole is a unique variation within the rum category. A unique profile for a luxury white rum, opens with warm fresh bread and green cane, green bell pepper, herbal notes and thin sweetness on the nose. La durée de cet élevage est au m… Think of how Champagne is protected, for example, or Camembert cheese. ... La Mauny Rhum Agricole Martinique 700 ml . Before it's here, it's on the Bloomberg Terminal. Sélectionné pour sa richesse aromatique, le rhum agricole de Martinique est élevé sous bois, afin d’obtenir ses fameuses notes toastées et épicées. In Martinique, AOC labeled cane juice rums are usually distilled to 70% alcohol (140 proof in the U.S.) and then watered down to 40–55% (80–110 proof) when bottled. It’s only slightly more herbaceous than the Neisson, with savory, almost umami flavors of mushroom or olive, but with a hint of coconut and citrus. The cane notes persist through the finish. a rich and smoky blend of 4 and 5 year old rums with a robust character that plays well on ice or in a snifter and compliments a good cigar; an excellent example of the blender's art, a clear rhum agricole at 100 proof with sweet and grassy cane flavor produced in copper pot stills in Mauritius, a blend of aged rhums, matured in oak casks, distilled from sugar cane juice on a small plantation since 1765, a blend of the oldest and finest aged rhums at 86 proof, matured in small oak casks, distilled from sugar cane juice, Saint James Rhum Blanc Agricole Cuvée Spéciale Reserve. I think JM is the next best Martinique Rhum Agricole. Superb cane spirit. The finish is very warm, very dry with echoes of cane to the end. Aside from being produced from sugarcane grown on the island (which is dictated with regards to its varietals, harvest lo… Slightly sweet buttery toast and fine oak notes remain into the long finish. Le rhum agricole se distingue du rhum industriel, ou rhum de mélasse (résidu de sucrerie), qui est majoritairement produit dans les régions d'influence anglaise ou espagnole. A full flavored amber rum presents aromas of rose petal, subtle lavender and sherry wood before hints of cherry, cola nut, chocolate fudge, brandy wood and dried orange peel. If you know a rum that is missing, dont be shy, let us know about it. Though it’s been produced since at least the 19th century, rhum agricole is a product that is still fairly new to the U.S., with the first bottlings imported from Martinique about 15 years ago. But she believes there truly is a rhum out there for every palate and recommends these AOC bottlings in order of funkiness, from easily approachable to the more feral. Most of us went a long time without rhum in our lives, but as Campari did with the Aperol Spritz—aggressively and expertly deploying a massive marketing machine to turn a bittersweet regional aperitif into a global summer phenomenon—we may soon not know what to do without it. If Campari can do to rhum agricole what it did with the Aperol Spritz, you’re about to drink a lot more of this unique style of rum. En ces temps reculés, seul le Lire la suite… Before distillation, rhum juice is left to ferment for up to 48 hours, which draws out these naturally occurring, ester-y funk notes. The finish is reminiscent of delicate pound cake with echoes of vanilla. Especially Rhum Bologne, Rhum Longueteau, and Rhum Damoiseau. LE Rhum AGRICOLE Le Rhum Martiniquais : 350 ans d’histoire Lorsqu’en 1638, Christophe Colomb apportait la canne à sucre dans ses cales, il venait d’écrire la première page d’histoire du rhum martiniquais. This kind of rum is more aromatic. Aromas of wonderful French oak, a hint of pine, subtle black pepper, aromatic cedar, butter, delicate baking spice, a hint of cinnamon, pecan shell. As such, rhum agricole production is limited to only a few places in the world, where sugar cane grows. Rhum agricole, meanwhile, is very specific: It can be produced only from the fresh-pressed juice of sugar cane, which must begin its fermentation process within a day, or it will spoil like milk. The palate delivers cane and green grass, leading to fresh vegetal notes followed by black pepper, with a mildly bitter root finish. Rhum originating in the French Caribbean island of Martinique is actually protected with an Appellation d’Origine Contrôléeor an AOC. Aromas of cane and subtle wheat dough, a hint of butter, green banana and honey, some citrus and vanilla, subtle cardamom, limousine oak. Rhum Martinique "élevé sous bois" : Le rhum est élévé en récipient en bois de chêne dans l’aire de production. Therefore, rhum must be produced as close to the source as possible, and so maintains a distinct taste of its local agricultural provenance, or terroir, if you will. Here some ways to begin mixing with the distinctively funky spirit from the … The dry entry on the palate presents big wood over slightly sweet cane, a hint of cacao before buttered toast. All rum is produced from sugar, but the majority of the world’s rum is made from sugar-cane molasses or evaporated sugar, processed from cane or beets, all of which travels relatively well and is cheap and easy to procure. 42% ABV, $35, Duquesne Rhum BlancThis is another brand that stands to be part of the Campari deal; it is one of the grassier, more farmyard-style offerings out there. The Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique Blanc (White Agricultural Rum): 3 months before bottling, the rum must rest in stainless or wooden vats to be “rounded out”. Because of rhum’s distinctive vegetal characteristics, untrained sippers might feel challenged, says Acadia Cutschell, a spirits consultant, rum/rhum educator, and co-founder of Women Who Tiki. Madrid Airport Shut After Storm Filomena Covers City in Snow, Theaters Kick Off 2021 With Hopes of Erasing Worst Year Ever, Dubai Sees 2020 Airport Passenger Numbers Slump 64%, Famous Chef’s Pineapple Curry Makes Meat-Free January Easier. If a strawberry and a pear had a baby, you would get a guava. Rhum Agricole is a unique variation within the rum category. Rhum Agricole style spirits are also produced in other French territories such as Guadeloupe and Mauritius. Photographer: Bruno DE HOGUES/Gamma-Rapho. The palate opens with big cane as mild heat builds through the peppery mid-palate. You’ll also find it in other French Overseas Territories such as Réunion, off the coast of Madagascar, though precious few of those bottles are yet seen in the U.S. Here’s what you need to know. RumXP Award Winner. A surprisingly mild entry reveals a delicate sweetness, with rich sourdough before mid-palate warmth. Clairin Vaval sugar cane being processed in Haiti. “In Martinique, you visit the rum distilleries.” Island Style With its sweeping hillside views down to the sea, Depaz may be a more scenic distillery than some; and while production and aging techniques may differ somewhat among the various Martinique distilleries, Depaz provides a good idea of the basics of rhum agricole production. Trois Rivières Rhum Vieux Agricole Cuvée Du Moulin. Trois Rivières Ans D'Age 12 Rhum Vieux Agricole. The Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique élevé sous bois (Golden Agricultural Rum or Amber Agricultural Rum): It is matured a minimum of four years in re-charred ex-Buffalo Trace bourbon oak barrels. RumXP Award Winner. Aromas of bitter limousine oak are balanced by slightly sweet cane, delicate creme brûlée with baking spices, subtle dark raisin. Summer’s Dog Days Call for a Sparkling Coffee-Maple Cocktail, Finally, a Cranberry Juice Cocktail That Isn’t Boring, A Mezcal Paloma at Sundown Is Great. You will discover how Martinique and its Rhum have transformed each other. Two Tweaks Make It Essential, Rescue Teams Resume Search for Missing Plane in Indonesia, Olive Garden Yanked Into Trump Culture War With CNN Comment, Man in Viking Garb Among Three Charged by U.S. for Riots, California Deaths Hit Record as U.S. Cases Soar: Virus Update, Young American Adults Top $10 Trillion in Assets for First Time. Martinique, the epicenter for rhum agricole, has a wide variety of microclimates whose varied terroir is clearly expressed through the different rhums on the island. Historically, this has meant the French West Indies, mainly Guadeloupe and Martinique, … Therefore, rhum is dependably low in residual sugar, with perhaps only as much as 5 mg per 750-milliter bottle. a clean, sweet rum with hints of tropical fruit and fresh grass, delivered at 100 proof, makes an excellent ti punch, a blend of two year old rums with surprisingly rich flavor that makes a great mixer for cocktails and ti punch. RumXP Award Winner. The palate opens with big bold cane as heat leads to intense white pepper mid-palate. A Rhum J.M. The Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée for Martinique rhum agricole is a standard of production, aging and labeling. RumXP Award Winner. If you are looking for rum from Martinique you have come to the right place, below you will find a great deal of them. Le rhum ambré Neisson Profil 107 se distingue par ses arômes originaux, d’où se dégage une belle harmonie gustative. Trois Rivières Hors D'Age Triple Millesime 1998, 2000, 2007. New oak barrels offer aromas of dark oak and toasted walnut as shortbread, burned sugar, butter and dark caramel are balanced by a note of orange peel, and pistachio. Martinique Rhum JM VO – Exquisite Entrée To Aged Rhum Agricole Initial forays into the world of rhum agricole can be daunting for those who previously only ever enjoyed molasses-based rums. As mixology continues to evolve, and certain rums come to be viewed aspremium products, it seems that a rhum revolution could break out stateside. Cueillette express : achetez en ligne et ramassez rapidement en succursale. According to a statement, targeted net sales among the three brands in 2018 were an estimated €24 million ($26.6 million); France is to be the first targeted market. © Quantum Leap Network, inc. • Robs Rum Guide articles, news and blog are published by Quantum Leap Network, PO Box 144353, Coral Gables, FL 33114-4353, RumXP Award Winner. RumXP Award Winner. IN 1902, the eruption of Mont Pelee destroyed what was one of the great cities of the Caribbean and killed more than 30,000 people. I’ve tried their basic line up which are the Blanc 50%, VO, VSOP and XO. RumXP Award Winner. Bottled at 42abv. Somehow manages to be both delicate and full bodied. Copyright © 2021 Rhum JM. Pelée, Rhum J.M produces the finest AOC Rhum Agricole from estate-grown sugarcane. A l’issue de la distillation, les rhums en appellation d’origine contrôlée "Rhum agricole Martinique" doivent entrer dans l’une des catégories suivantes : 1. Aromas of bold fresh cane with bread dough, floral bouquet, big grassy vegetal notes. AOC) quality designation, like French wine, and is produced under. Rhum is the French spelling of rum, and accordingly, true rhum agricole can only be made almost exclusively in French territories: French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion—plus, idiosyncratically, Madeira, a Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco. A few producers—such as Cardinal Spirits in Indiana, with its Tiki Rum—prefer to use a combination of sugar sources and production methods that come close in their flavor profiles. on the palate, bold grassy cane from the start, evolving with pepper notes mid-palate followed by white raisin after the mid and white pepper into the finish. 50% ABV, $40 per liter, Rhum Clément Cuvée HomèreThe rhum is an homage to Homère Clément, who in 1887 purchased the Domaine de l’Acajou Estate where it is produced and for which the brand is named. To produce 10 litres of rum roughly 100 kg of sugar cane needs to be processed. However, it’s also an extremely popular well rhum, favored for  clean, non-sugary properties, as a main base for drinks such as the classic Ti’ Punch or in tropical cocktails, such as Hurricane variations, that require more than one type of r(h)um. Subtle notes of spicy vegetal pepper and lemon grass with a hint of hard candy sweetness, subtle sourdough, very delicate fermented honey note. Aromas of sweet fresh cane with very light sweetness, subtle river rock mineral note, fresh blossoms. Aromas of grass, cane and sourdough bread before saltwater taffy. Although Patrick also has a soft spot for the rhums of Guadeloupe. On the palate, the rose petal note persists, initially with lavender and orange peel before fading into cherry blossom. If this bottle appeals, look out for vintage expressions from Rhum J.M., including a 2006 bottling (meaning that all cane within was harvested and distilled in 2006), that sells from $150 on up. RumXP Award Winner. Now, Davide Campari-Milano SPA is making moves to take it to the broader market. Brazilian cachaça, for instance, predates French rhum agricole by a few hundred years; although it follows the same process, producers such as Avuà would prefer to keep cachaça as its own designation, and importers and retailers stock and label it as such. 50% ABV, $33, Rhum J.M. In the French Caribbean, Martinique's rhum agricole is AOC certified, but outside the country other distillers are making cane juice rum. Rum Journal: Martinique’s Depaz Blue Cane Rhum Agricole. Rhum "blanc" Martinique: le rhum ne présente aucune coloration et a été préparé pendant au minimum trois mois après la distillation. The grassy notes persist through the balanced finish. On the palate, a sweet caramel entry quickly gives way to a dry warm bitter oak before a nutty note develops mid-palate with spicy and peppery tones, fading into butter notes as the lingering finish fades. "Gentle and oaky, with deep vegetal quality and long, woody finish, this aged sugarcane-based Rhum Agricole bears more resemblance to Cognac or a single-malt than to aged molasses-based rums." But rhum … Unlike molasses or other sugar-based rums, no additional sweetening agents or coloring can be added to rhum agricole, AOC or otherwise. Rum is often said to have no rules. RumXP Award Winner. The long mellow finish echoes the cane. Martinique’s rhum agricole is protected by France’s Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) system that designates where ingredients come from and how the rhum is made. Trois Rivières VSOP Reserve Speciale Rhum Vieux Agricole. It doesn’t just demarcate the region, it establishes production standards for anything bottled with a Martinique AOC label. 50 percent abv abv. Rum lovers like rhum agricole for its unique flavor and for aromatics often described as earthy, vegetal, grassy, and herbal; some also have an overlying fruitiness that resembles banana, pineapple, mango, and papaya. an exquisite blend of 3 vintage years of Clément rhum (1991, 1996, 1999) presented in a bold square bottle, featuring a luxurious blend of flavors that are quite satisfying, a premium white rhum agricole produced by the Homere Clément Estate, established in 1887, using a select variety of pure aromatic Martinique cane crush, this premium spirit follows strict guidelines and laws established by the French government, which certifies its authenticity, intense, fruity aromas of fresh cut cane grass, featuring a palate of pungent spices and hints of vanilla, charred oak and pepper, a classic rhum agricole, the VSOP from Clément is accessible, but reaches for greatness with a blend of aged rums that is satisfying and sophisticated, an exquisite blend of the best 4 vintage years of Clément rhum aged at least 25 years in both French Limousin and American oak; superbly blended for a refined and elegant finish, presented in a tear drop bottle that suggests fine cognac, a vintage blend from 1983, this top rated rhum agricole presents complex chords of rich sensuality, deep earth tones and old barrel flavors with a very long warm finish, an exquisitely full-bodied, sweet and strong agricole twelve year blend at 100 proof drinks like cognac, presents a rich, viscous texture, warm mouth feel and long, simmering finish, distilled from blue cane (one of 12 species from which Martinique rhum agricole can be made) harvested from the Depaz estate; distilled in copper column stills, the fresh clear spirit is aged two years in charred, white oak barrels then bottled at 90 proof for export to the US, a classic agricole-style rhum from Guadeloupe at 42abv abv, aged in new oak as well as 350 liter Cognac barrels opens with big cane grass aromas, burnt sugar, coffee and vanilla, featuring a palate of clove, caramel, pepper, ripe banana, roasted nuts, spices, dried fruits, vanilla and a hint of roasted coffee, with a very long, very warm semi-sweet finish, the fresh smooth aroma is accented by tropical florals, the body is rich in citrus and pear notes followed by citrus and fresh sugar cane juice in the finish, blended from stocks of rhums aged at least three years; aging the heart of the rhum in used American whiskey and bourbon barrels imparts a dark brown color that reflects a deep reddish hue.