In 328 the emperor Constantine the Great inaugurated the Constantine's Bridge (Danube) at Sucidava, (today Celei in Romania)[57] in hopes of reconquering Dacia, a province that had been abandoned under Aurelian. These cars are eagerly prized by Dacia enthusiasts, and Dacia web forums are full of evidence about the rarities and oddities produced by Dacia during the 1980s. The last Dacia 1310 (saloon version), number 1,979,730, will be kept in the Dacia Museum. C’est finalement Renault qui décrocha le contrat. Roumanie. In the late winter of 332, Constantine campaigned with the Sarmatians against the Goths. Dacia sold 53,000 vehicles in 2002 and it holds an almost 50 per cent market share in Romania. The historical sales figures of all the models are the following (under the Dacia brand only): From the 2008–09 season, Dacia was the sponsor of Italian Serie A football club Udinese Calcio and Stadio Friuli. From late 1994 little attention was paid to the improvement of the 1310 range, as Dacia launched a new model, the Dacia Nova. [44] Its models have also been produced by Renault in its production sites on other continents (in Russia, Iran, India, South Africa, Colombia and Brazil) and sold under its own brand or other specific local brands (such as Mahindra, Lada or Nissan for example[citation needed]). For the 1984 model year, the de luxe MS and MLS models presented slight modifications on the 1310 platform, with a new spoiler and chunkier, rubber mouldings around the front grille and headlamps. [49], Dacia cars sales exceeded 700,000 units in 2018 (seven percent more than in the previous year).[50]. Paris- Roumanie en Dacia : un roadtrip de 5 000 km - Duration: 29:57. Un espace adhérents viendra compléter le site public. Rome's borders in the east were governed indirectly in this period, through a system of client states, which led to less direct campaigning than in the west.[53]. After a brief series of "crossover" cars in 1981 (for example, there were no more rectangular headlights available for the 1300, so the last models used the quad lamps of the 1310), the 1310 hit the Romanian market in late 1981. [24] This was reportedly the inauguration of the platform that would be used for the second generation of the Logan and Sandero models, released in 2012. More Duster than ever", "Romania has 56 companies in Coface's Top 500 CEE – Business Review", "Romania has fewer companies in the Coface Top 500 CEE ranking | Romania Insider", "Uzinele Dacia realizează 7,7% din exportul României", "Doucerain, new CEO Automobile Dacia: It's really important to keep the company's DNA", "Jerome Olive is the new CEO of Automobile Dacia", "Dokker and Dokker Van the latest additions to the Dacia range", "Dacia a înregistrat în 2012 un nou record de vânzări", "Record în istoria mărcii » Dacia a vîndut peste 500.000 de maşini în 2014! The Roman province Dacia Traiana, established by the victors of the Dacian Wars during AD 101–106, initially comprised only the regions known today as Banat, Oltenia, Transylvania, and was subsequently gradually extended to southern parts of Moldavia, while Dobruja and Budjak belonged the Roman province of Moesia. [37][38] For at least one and a half centuries, Sarmizegetusa was the Dacians' capital and reached its peak under King Decebalus. Le nom de la marque Dacia s’inspire de la «Dacie», un territoire correspondant plus ou moins à celui de l’actuelle Roumanie. In 1998, the anniversary year of three decades of production since the first Dacia rolled off the assembly line, vehicle number 2,000,000 emerged from the plant; this year saw the last restyling of the 1310. Ion Barbu . It was reorganized as Dacia Ripensis (as a military province) and Dacia Mediterranea (as a civil province). Les véhicules de Roumanie doivent être hautement tous-terrains et avoir la capacité de charge suffisante, puisque les routes roumaines sont encore très loin des normes européennes. (Hrsg. [45], For 2014 the company sold 511,465 vehicles in 43 different countries, thus breaking another record and exceeding the 500,000 threshold. In 1982, after the 1302 was dropped, the Dacia 1304 Pick-up and Drop-side models were introduced. Roumanie Histoire Rome Antique Art Antique Histoire De La Roumanie Carte De La Roumanie Guerriers Romains Dark Ages Armes À Balles. Sîrbu, Luca, Roman, Purece 2005: SÎRBU, (V.), LUCA, (S.A.), ROMAN, (C.), PURECE, (S.). Doar o treime din cele mai mari 100 sunt prezente şi local. [7] In 53 BC, Julius Caesar stated that the lands of the Dacians started on the eastern edge of the Hercynian Forest (Black Forest). Models destined for Canada (initially called GTL) sported twin fuel tanks. Descoperă gama completă Dacia: Duster, Lodgy, Dokker, Logan, Sandero. [citation needed]. Dacia was bounded in the south approximately by the Danubius river (Danube), in Greek sources the Istros, or at its greatest extent, by the Haemus Mons. It thus corresponds to the present-day countries of Romania and Moldova, as well as smaller parts of Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Besides the domestic market, its other key markets have been Algeria, Turkey, Italy and Spain. In zilele de 30 Noiembrie si 1 Decembrie magazinul nostru va fi INCHIS Program: Luni-Vineri intre orele 11-19:30. L'association RENAULT HISTOIRE est un « lieu » d'accueil pour tous ceux qui s'intéressent à l'histoire de Renault en France ou à l'étranger. ", "Dacia Vehicle Plant in Mioveni registered on Tuesday 6 May 2014 the production of 5,000,000 vehicles", "Dacia Sells 3.5 Million Cars Since Brand Revival in 2004", "Dacia a vândut peste 550 000 de vehicule în 2015", "Dacia cars sales in 2018 exceeded 700,000 units", "2.500.000 autovehicule produse la uzina Dacia Pitesti", "Dacia a vandut peste 257 000 de vehicule in 2008", "Dacia Duster, the low-emission off-roader from 11,900 euros", "Dacia steps up as main sponsor of England Rugby League", "Dacia announced as principal partner of the Great Britain Rugby League Lions",, Vehicle manufacturing companies established in 1966, Articles containing Romanian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2016, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2016, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [27], A large logistical centre was also set near the plant in March 2005, the International Logistic Network, from where complete knock down (CKD) kits are exported to other Renault production sites in Russia, Morocco, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Iran and India. Aujourd’hui, en France, tout le monde connaît la petite marque roumaine. En 1965, Nicolae Ceausescu succède à Gheorghiu-Dej et souhaite montrer la puissance économique de cette République socialiste en mettant en avant lintérêt national. Pulpu-deva, (Phillipopolis) today Plovdiv in Bulgaria. Histoire de la conquête romaine de la Dacie et des corps d'armée qui y ont pris part. This was, however, only meant to be a stopgap model filling the need for a saloon model before the introduction of the all-important Dacia Logan, as well as to familiarise workers with the demands of manufacturing a model acceptable to Western European markets. Editura: L'Academie de la Republique Socialiste de Roumanie Data aparitie: 1969 Coperta: Cartonata (hardcover) -80%. The 1320 did not last long, however; as early as 1989 there were prototypes using the front of the 1320 and a new rear, with wrap-around tail lights and other (relatively) modern features. Employing approximately 2,500 engineers, its main fields of activity are the development, testing and design of the new vehicles in the Dacia range, as well as the marketing and technical support. From late 1985 all models had the large rubber mouldings around the front grille and headlamps, plus a spoiler: the line-up was changed to TX and TLX, though other designations were occasionally seen. [31][32] This Dacian group, possibly the Costoboci/Lipiţa culture, is associated by Gudmund Schütte with towns having the specific Dacian language ending "dava" i.e. Roumanie: Dacia consolide sa position de leader avec une part de marché de près de 30%. [46] On 6 May 2014, the main Dacia plant Mioveni produced its five millionth car, approximately the three millionth car since Renault drove the brand. In 376 the region was conquered by Huns, who kept it until the death of Attila in 453. But, other Dacian names from his list lack the suffix (e.g. [36] During his reign, the limits of the Dacian Kingdom were extended to their maximum. It is Romania's largest company by revenue[5] and the largest exporter, constituting 8% of the country's total exports in 2018. The Maxi Break was an eight-seater version of the station wagon (also available as an ambulance), stretched by about a half a metre between the doors. Stefan Baciu. Dacia (/ˈdeɪʃə/, DAY-shə; Latin: [ˈd̪aːkija]) was the land inhabited by the Dacians. The main Dacia factory was inaugurated in 1968, in Colibași (now called Mioveni), near Pitești. 1966. Home; Despre noi; Oferte speciale; Noutati; Cum comanzi; Inregistrare Login Recuperare parola. However, after improvements in 1996, the Nova became more often seen on Romanian roads. The Logan is sold in many countries, occasionally under the Renault brand. Prețuri și caracteristici. Pour la Roumanie, Dacia est une aubaine ; la marque réalise 3 % du PIB et compte pour 8 % des exportations. Constantine and the Christian Empire. The Nova is a 100% Romanian design[citation needed], started after the end of any French involvement in Dacia[citation needed]. Also produced in very limited numbers was the 1100S, with twin headlamps and a more powerful engine, used by the police and in motor racing. Istoria Militară a Daciei Post Romane 275-376. Ultimately, the Goths succeeded in dislodging the Romans and restoring the "independence" of Dacia following Emperor Aurelian's withdrawal, in 275. Practically the only differences were those of trim level and the radiator grille. Pendant 25 ans, Dacia va assembler des versions locales des Renault. 2,000 units were made until 1982. The estate version was launched in late 2006. The 1994 facelift was known within the industry as CN2. Automobile Dacia SA (/ˈdat͡ʃi.a/) est le plus important constructeur d'automobiles roumain.Créée en 1966, l’entreprise est depuis 1999 une filiale du Groupe Renault.Automobile Dacia est la plus grande entreprise de Roumanie en termes de chiffre d’affaires et le plus grand exportateur. So were the 12,000 Dacians 'from the neighbourhood of Roman Dacia sent away from their own country'. Production was stopped in 2005. New York: Routledge, 2004. [48], Decebalus rebuilt his power over the following years and attacked Roman garrisons again in AD 105. In the UK, where it was known as the Dacia Denem, the top of the range model included such luxuries as a five-speed gearbox, alloy wheels and electric windows. Pippidi (red.) [55] At the boundaries of Roman Dacia, Carpi (Free Dacians) were still strong enough to sustain five battles in eight years against the Romans from AD 301–308. Dacia (/ ˈdeɪʃə /, DAY-shə; Latin : [ˈd̪aːkija]) was the land inhabited by the Dacians. 7:25. Revue d'archeologie et d'histoire ancienne - C. Daicoviciu (red.) J.- C.). Dacia - Revue d'archéologie et d'histoire ancienne, 1, anul 1924: Institutul de Arheologie "Vasile Pârvan" 18: 1925: Dacia - Revue d'archéologie et d'histoire ancienne, 2, anul 1925: Institutul de Arheologie "Vasile Pârvan" 14: 1933: Dacia - Revue d'archéologie et d'histoire ancienne, 3-4, anul 1933: Institutul de Arheologie "Vasile Pârvan" 28: 1938: Dacia - Revue d'archéologie et d'histoire ancienne, 5-6, anul 1938 : … La marque Dacia, du nom de la « Dacie », territoire des ancêtres roumains, est créée en Roumanie. [40] He was replaced by Antoine Doucerain, who left after only four months due to "personal reasons. [37] It works in conjunction with the Renault Technologie Roumanie engineering centre, located in Bucharest and set up in 2006,[18] which also comprises a styling office, Renault Design Central Europe,[19] and with the testing center located in Titu, opened in 2010. In 271 A.D. Emperor Aurelian concluded that Dacia was overexposed to invasion and ordered his army and colonists to withdraw across the Danube. Cobite di Dacia, Sabanejewia romanica, nomenclatura, distribuzione, bibliografia ... 1943. In the 2nd century AD, after the Roman conquest, Ptolemy puts the eastern boundary of Dacia Traiana (the Roman province) as far east as the Hierasus (Siret) river, in the middle of modern Romania. Culture. The plug was pulled on the Denem, however, in late 1982. The estate version was fitted with larger tail lights. ;] Home. Ford, Fiat, Peugeot ou Morris étaient sur les rangs. Satu Mare a fait l’histoire aujourd’hui ». Non, l’histoire de Dacia avec Renault ne commence pas avec la Logan. Burebista suppressed the indigenous minting of coinages by four major tribal groups, adopting imported or copied Roman denarii as a monetary standard[10] During his reign, Burebista transferred Geto-Dacians capital from Argedava to Sarmizegetusa Regia. In 1978 plans were revealed for the Renault 18 to be assembled by Dacia, but the Renault contract lapsed and Dacia went its own way.[12]. la Dacia était, selon la classification géographique des 'vieillesse, la terre de Geti et Daci (Aussi appelé à partir de plus lointain passé).Elle correspond à une vaste région de 'Europe centrale, délimitée à nord des montagnes Carpates, à au sud de Danube, à ouest de Tisza (aujourd'hui Hongrie) Et est de Dniestr (aujourd'hui Moldavie Ukraine). There were new headlamps, a new radiator grille, and front and rear bumpers. ; Académie des Sciences Sociales et Politiques de la République Socialiste de Roumanie. … [56] Under Diocletian, c. AD 296, in order to defend the Roman border, fortifications were erected by the Romans on both banks of the Danube.[34]. Actually, they had been launched from 1981. Although the Romans conquered and destroyed the ancient Kingdom of Dacia, a large remainder of the land remained outside of Roman Imperial authority. Lombards abandoned the country and the Avars (second half of the 6th century) dominated the region for 230 years, until their kingdom was destroyed by Charlemagne in 791. Roumaine Bucarest 133-141; v. 26 (n° 2) 137 Pl. Ana Blandiana. After the Marcomannic Wars (AD 166–180), Dacian groups from outside Roman Dacia had been set in motion. L`industrie automobile de la Roumanie fonctionne très bien. Gk. 103. [12] According to Tacitus (AD 56 – AD 117) Dacians bordered Germania in the south-east, while Sarmatians bordered it in the east. Cetatea de Scaun. Madgearu, Alexandru(2008). The assembly lines will be remodelled and expanded to increase production of the Dacia Logan. (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈdat͡ʃi.a] (listen)) is a Romanian car manufacturer that takes its name from the historic region that constitutes the present-day Romania.